The Hardest Decision I Ever Made…

Whilst at university... Whilst at university, I met a guy on my course who happened to be from the same town as me.  As we were living over 100 miles from our home town and the course only had 23 people taking it, I figure the odds of that happening were pretty small.  Because of … Continue reading The Hardest Decision I Ever Made…

The Introverts Guide To Survive The First Year At University

The first day…  “What the hell have I let myself in for?...”  Here I was, a quiet, shy, introvert, living his first day, of the university experience – and I hated it…  I’d left my safe boring job, and my safe quiet home, to move into a pokey student terrace house sharing the space with … Continue reading The Introverts Guide To Survive The First Year At University

Is it Worth Getting a Degree?

Something I wrote several years ago that still gets a lot of attention is the post My big fat worthless degree. It’s lasting popularity, I account to the fact that countless others have gone down this path, to feel cheated.  I imagine my words resonated with readers frustrated by their life choices. This is a … Continue reading Is it Worth Getting a Degree?

The long game

Recently I was engaged in an interesting conversation with a young gym goer around his dissatisfaction with his progress. There’d been good beginner gains during in his first year, but was now at a point of stagnation where progress suddenly wasn’t so visible. He was obsessed with getting bigger, but muscle growth takes time – with his youthful impatience … Continue reading The long game


"Everybody is talking about this issue, why are they not doing anything about it?" Being an environmentalist, this was something I heard all the time at events like this. My main issue with this statement is the assumption from the individual that environmental sustainability is everyone's main priority.  The reason they (i.e. the politicians) were … Continue reading Bubbles


Fēijī - it means Airplane in Mandarin Chinese. When I was at University we had the option to do an  additional language course on top of the regular degree.  As it was evening study the courses weren't too popular as most students were too busy getting drunk.  But studying Business it seemed logical to learn Mandarin. Upon … Continue reading Fēijī

Fearing the future

Ricky the temp is being his usual sassy self.  I am in an adult job now, but his bitchy manner to me feels like bullying.  All because I don’t want to divulge my sex life at work. For some reason he uses this as an opportunity to have a dig at me at every opportunity.  Normally a temp would … Continue reading Fearing the future

The time I was an expert on the Guardian website

A little known fact about me.  I once featured in the Guardian website as part of a panel of experts for a Q & A discussing the benefits of postgraduate degrees to improve careers.  This fact is so little known that I only remembered I did this the other day. So how did I get to … Continue reading The time I was an expert on the Guardian website

10 years later…

My lack of progress in the job market has partly been down to my own fault, as I gradually developed an apathy to getting a better job around the time I started writing this blog. But in my defense the last 10 years career was has been a lot of let downs and disappointments, which … Continue reading 10 years later…

Time for a change

Time for a change: It dawned on me the other day.  In 8 and a half years I will 40. If I have learnt anything  in my life, what seems so far away, creeps upon a person in no time. It happened in my teens and sometimes I reflect where that precious time went. Going back … Continue reading Time for a change

My big fat worthless degree

My big fat worthless degree I saw that Captain Capitalism is having another worthless degree awareness month. I have been thinking for a while that it was time to illustrate more failures in my life.  This is a brutal exercise I picked up from Scott Adams, that is a good learning experience. So it's time … Continue reading My big fat worthless degree

Panic attack! …. Death? It’s Funny? ha! ha!

So what next? This week was the first time I missed my weekly deadline since starting Manifesto of Perfection. I am kind of pissed off about it, as the blog always represented my desire to do something constructive and keep accountability of my self-development.  If I get in the habit of missing weekly writings how … Continue reading Panic attack! …. Death? It’s Funny? ha! ha!