Small Challenges – Big Achievement

Look at the picture below - what do you see? Curtains? A rather empty looking room? To me - I see achievement. See I have always considered myself a 'thinker' so when I moved into my new house one of the biggest things I was dreading was having to do small bits of DIY. In my … Continue reading Small Challenges – Big Achievement

The cruel conflict of freedom

Freedom is cruel, for every choice we make to be free the decision makes us less free in other aspects of our life. The man who does not work has the freedom of time, , to see family, or to calmly observe his world. But he loses the freedom of capital, unlike the man who … Continue reading The cruel conflict of freedom

6 Tricks To Better Time Management

"Time - unlike money, opportunity or good looks - is the one resource that is allocated equally to all of us" Duncan Bannatyne - How to be smart with your time Here at the Manifesto of Perfection I write about self-improvement, my goals and reflect on what I have learnt. I do struggled to meet … Continue reading 6 Tricks To Better Time Management