Look at the picture below – what do you see?



A rather empty looking room?

To me – I see achievement.

See I have always considered myself a ‘thinker’ so when I moved into my new house one of the biggest things I was dreading was having to do small bits of DIY.

In my spare bedroom I have been ignoring the need for curtains but realised if we were to have guests in the new year I needed to start making it look like a proper room.

So I went in with my barely used tool box, a drill borrowed from my dad and a curtain rail set from B&Q and went in with the ever so wise philosophy ‘Measure Twice, cut once’

I took it very slowly carefully marking where I was putting holes in my wall.

And that was the result – hence it was a big achievement for me.

I guess I can do things if I put my mind to it.

2 thoughts on “Small Challenges – Big Achievement

  1. so how many times did your girlfriend nag you into doing this? kidding. well done. the first time i baked i felt the same. congratulations on your diy achievement.

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