First achievement of the day

What has been the first thing that you achieved today? Not sure? This morning I started the day by getting up and cycling down to the gym. Upon checking my stop-watch I realised I had shaved some time off my cycle.  I thought “Great my first achievement of the day!” Although it is rather small … Continue reading First achievement of the day

Aim higher

Some of my success has been limited by my lack of ability to aim higher. The problem with setting goals that are clearly quantified is that you can quite easily set a target that is too small or not challenging enough. One things that sticks in my mind was at an interview where I was … Continue reading Aim higher

Why Bloggers Need To Think Twice Before Quitting

I thought I would take 5 to reflect on the process of blog writing.  Since I have started in the WordPress community, I have seen a number of blogs that begun come and go. And to be honest I don't always know why they stopped - because some were seriously good! Maybe they didn't enjoy … Continue reading Why Bloggers Need To Think Twice Before Quitting

Small Challenges – Big Achievement

Look at the picture below - what do you see? Curtains? A rather empty looking room? To me - I see achievement. See I have always considered myself a 'thinker' so when I moved into my new house one of the biggest things I was dreading was having to do small bits of DIY. In my … Continue reading Small Challenges – Big Achievement

200 Posts Later… My Secret Is Out…

As I write this to mark my 200th post it seems fitting that as I sat in my new home the other day, the 'missus' quiet casually brings my blog into conversation. For those who are not aware - this blog is not something that the people in my real life are aware of.  Its … Continue reading 200 Posts Later… My Secret Is Out…

A Man Of Many Talents

This year I made a cake for my birthday. Being aware of many of the activities I do (many of which I highlight in this blog). Someone remarked "You're a man of many talents" I guess I am.  But the reason I am is because I make the effort to apply myself and try. I … Continue reading A Man Of Many Talents

Unlucky For Some…

I play bingo - no lie. Nearly every Friday for the last six month I go down to the local working men's club and play four rounds of bingo.  I haven't won that cash prize once. Logically I struggle to understand why some regulars win it more than others.  They are there pretty much every week … Continue reading Unlucky For Some…