I play bingo – no lie.

Nearly every Friday for the last six month I go down to the local working men’s club and play four rounds of bingo.  I haven’t won that cash prize once.

Logically I struggle to understand why some regulars win it more than others.  They are there pretty much every week – but then so am I.  If I went by mathematically probability I would have won by now.

But then you get the non-regulars who turn up once every so often and get a winner.

Maths should have the answer to everything, but not with bingo – it is purely down to luck – yet we all know that luck is for losers and that only those who try really hard should get all the spoils.

Yet it doesn’t work like that.

Every success in my life has been down to hard work, there is arguably luck in certain aspects – usually involving  right place, right time situations.

My mum has the habit of saying “I really need to win the lottery.”  But I always have to remind her – she never plays it and with the element of being lucky – you have to be in it to win it.

I have been at bingo so long and never once experienced a win – I know that if I keep going I will win because of, well the law of maths.  In this example I am willing to try, try and try again no matter how many times I lose.

The first time I went I didn’t win and I thought I might not bother going again – but by not trying I would never win!

And that is a lesson to learn with what has happened and what will happen with the rest of my life –

  • I only become a good runner by running regularly.
  • I only got stronger by going to the gym on a consistent basis.
  • I only got into a long term relationship by talking to women.
  • I only got a degree by working hard and studying.
  • I will only get better jobs by always being open and looking for the next opportunity.
  • I will only win if I  compete.
  • I will only get what I want if I make the effort.

Along the way I have experienced lots of failure with these experiences.  Then the day you win, someone turns round and says how lucky you are.

You make your own luck by doing things more and participating.

I never thought when I first went to bingo that it would bring an Epiphany on luck.

Anyway – eyes down!  I think tonight may be my night for bingo…


It appears I am not the only one making efforts to work out bingo wins by probability

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