I thought I would take 5 to reflect on the process of blog writing.  Since I have started in the WordPress community, I have seen a number of blogs that begun come and go.

And to be honest I don’t always know why they stopped – because some were seriously good!

Maybe they didn’t enjoy writing that much, they got writers block, or the disappointment of only having a small audience that didn’t provide instant validation they wanted made them quit.  Or perhaps life just got in the way.

I have had periods where I I thought about quitting blogging – it was usually down to stupid shit.

I would get a bit pissed off seeing work that I had put hours of effort into get zero response or ‘likes’.  On the other hand I looked at a quote that took five seconds to cut and paste having 100’s of likes.  I did forget that naturally we as people can buy into something that take 5 minutes of our time rather than something that takes a sustained investment.

Don’t believe me – do a survey that takes two minutes to complete.  Ask someone to join a focus group that will take an hour is much harder, why?  Because everyones time is precious.

I started having a set schedule – like this was a proper magazine.  But I usually found that when I didn’t stick to it, I didn’t feel great about it.

And so I thought about quitting.  I do enough writing and find it quiet threpetuic.  But all the validation shit had taken over my motivation.

So I took some time off and decided that I was going to approach it differently.

I wasn’t going to give a shit whether a thousand or zero people looked at my latest post.

I wasn’t going to insist on a strict posting schdule, I would post when I had something I wanted to say (or prove).

I also wasn’t going to spend hours on writing a post (unless I really wanted to).  I have made more effort to experiment – doing anything from 8oo word posts to a short paragraph of some observation.

Since making these changes I have enjoyed the process more.

What the amateur blogger needs to remember this is all voluntary – we don’t do it for financial gain, so don’t feel down if it all feels a bit unprofessional or we don’t have a massive following.

What surprises me now, is when I am a bit slack with posting on a regular basis seeing my site analytics with a high number of hits.

So bloggers – don’t quit, find something to write about.

6 thoughts on “Don’t quit (blogger edition)

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. And I can totally relate. I started posting on LI though since my primary blog is work oriented, with a twist of life. Please keep going:)

  2. I appreciate your posts, James. It is fun to read your perspective. I haven’t stopped, just switched to LI since my content is work flavored with a twist of life. Blog on!I appreciate your posts, James. It is fun to read your perspective. I haven’t stopped, just switched to LI since my content is work flavored with a twist of life. Blog on!

    I appreciate your blogs, James. You have a fun perspective. I haven’t stopped, just switched to LI since mine are work flavored with a twist of life. Blog on!

  3. I’ve noticed that a lot of people use WordPress as they would twitter, just typing a line of text at most and reblogging something else, to the point of doing six or seven blogs posts a day. In a way I wish that they didn’t do this as they don’t realise that it makes it difficult for other people to keep up.

    Essay-type blog posts can be time-consuming, but in some ways therapeutic, as they can to clarify thoughts, getting something off your chest and hopefully providing food for thought for the reader. Anyway, thanks for liking so many of my posts, it is about time that I returned the complement.

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