“See… you 9 to 5 workers will never understand the level of commitment of running a business”

Said my friend, it was a dig that came out of nowhere – but it really pissed me off.

Yes – my friend ran his own business but he was talking like he was Richard Branson or something.  I take that back because Richard Branson would be more respectable to his staff and realise they are the bread and butter that have supported his success.

My friend is one of those people who annoyingly think they are always right.

Sometimes, annoyingly they are right.

But the rest of the time, annoyingly they are wrong, but would argue to the end of the time that they are right – so it’s never worth the debate.

It annoyed me because he makes it sound like I do my 7 and half hours phoning it in then go home and do nothing.

But he is unaware of all the time I have spent researching or reading self-improvement books – whether it is on mindfulness, fitness or project management I am constantly striving to develop and learn more so I can have a better life.

He thinks to really challenge yourself we should all run businesses – what he forgets is that we all travel different paths and for him that is a good thing – otherwise he would have no staff to work in his business!

Speaking of different paths I was promoted in my job to a great opportunity.  When I joined my new team I found out that someone I was in the same year at school works for the same team – in a senior management role.

To put it financially he earns more than double.  Many years ago I would have been intimidated like this – I would have felt like a failure because I hadn’t achieved as much as my peers – but I just remember we all travel different paths!

And those paths we choose can make a difference between whether we are succesful or not, whether we have a poor work-life balance, are financially secure etc….

I do wonder if I had taken a different road whether I would be more successful, but then I realise if I had the opportunity to take a different road I wouldn’t swap my path – because I wouldn’t be who I am now.


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