An Open Letter For Whomever

Part One... This year has been a difficult one, I’m sure you’ve heard that a thousand times before, but I’m a believer difficult times offer the opportunity to learn a lot.  Lockdown took away the freedom to keep doing the things we loved, and, seeing the people we loved.  Our places that relieved our stresses … Continue reading An Open Letter For Whomever

Reflections from my grandfather’s deathbed

The phone buzzed away - my dad ringing, it was out of character for him to call at this time, he would know I was just home from work having dinner. It had to be bad. Grandad’s health had declined overnight and was now he was in a vegetative sleeping state - he might have … Continue reading Reflections from my grandfather’s deathbed

Writing your life story

I have started writing my life story. Just by writing that statement it feels strange and narcissistic.  To write your life story you have to be a celebrity or achieve something right? But I have been motivated to do this indirectly by family. I was over at my grandfather's listening to his old stories - … Continue reading Writing your life story