How not to prepare for a 10k race

Prior to my well organised Spartan double, last month I did the Pudsey 10k.

This was quiet a significant race as:

  • This was the first time that I had done a 10k race since July last year
  • It marked the first time that I have run such a distance since September last year.
  • Not only was I unprepared race fitness wise – I also managed to do everything wrong in my preparations

As a result I achieved a personal worse of 58 minutes.  This is 15 minutes off my personal best – how did I fall so badly?

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One Way System Hell: The Road Trip to Leicester


Goal: Drive to a new place

One of my new year goals was to drive somewhere new.  It was over a year since I past my driving test and my main experience was the commute to work.

When I decided to do a race in the Midlands I saw it as a chance to push those skills – I would also be seeing a friend who lived in Leicester – a city drive would be even more challenging!

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