Old Town – Old Memories

This week... This week I’ve been putting in motions to organise a reunion with old friends.  This is a long delay, not just due to lockdown restrictions which have been in place over the past year, but also a reluctance on my part to find the motivation to put the movements to actually organise a … Continue reading Old Town – Old Memories

When Your Teacher Told You, You Couldn’t Draw…

Like most kids I used to love cartoons. My favourite pastime was drawing doodles, inspired by British comics like the Beano and Newspaper strips like Calvin and Hobbes. For my tenth birthday I received a book “Make Your Own Comics” a rather simplistic how to draw book which was inflated in price by the dozen … Continue reading When Your Teacher Told You, You Couldn’t Draw…

What Are Your Fears?

The school days... What are you fears? The white collar pierced my neck, pushed back by the tie representing the colours of my house and school. I compressed a finger against the shirts top button, a futile attempt to engulf some air. The school I attended was a stickler for formality and professionalism, so I … Continue reading What Are Your Fears?

The First (and only) ‘Best Planner Signer’… 1997

It was the final year with Mrs Sutton as the teacher for form 9S. We had been with her since 5S (so four years).  And as each year went by we gradually molded into one of the better class groups in the school. Next we would be in Year 10 and so we would be … Continue reading The First (and only) ‘Best Planner Signer’… 1997