Merry Christmas

Thanks for the support so far, hope you have a great christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to follow) and are ready for new personal development opportunities in the New Year.  

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

One of my favourite bridges, featured in my favourite style of shot - find a larger object, get up close to it and take a picture of it looking upwards.  The sunlight was a nice touch too.

Flying spitfires in Moncton, Canada, 1941

I have taken to sharing my photographs on this site.  However in honour of Rememberance Day, I decided to share some photos taken by my grandfather.   As I have a love for Canada, I decided to share photos that were taken on the train in Canada and in the town of Moncton, where he underwent … Continue reading Flying spitfires in Moncton, Canada, 1941

The snow leopard sleeps tonight

Aww how cute - but sorry to disappoint I am not some wildlife photographer this was taken at Toronto Zoo. These may be snow leopards or I may be completely wrong - can any felinologists comment?

Tenerife Bar Scene

I don't know why I took this picture of the bar.  Perhaps being a young, intoxicated man on holiday seeing a blonde girl swinging round a pole in a bar enticed me. I wonder what happened to her. Guess she never saw her modelling career ending up that way.


  One of my worst memories was when I went to Blackpool with some friends.  One of them got involved in some carny game throwing hoops over some sticks that probably didn't fit. I stood to one side and encouraged my friend in his futile quest to win some money.  I did not realise that … Continue reading Blackpool