I have taken to sharing my photographs on this site.  However in honour of Rememberance Day, I decided to share some photos taken by my grandfather.



As I have a love for Canada, I decided to share photos that were taken on the train in Canada and in the town of Moncton, where he underwent training to fly a spitfire.



Are they doing burpees? – Must run in the family.



Barrack view at Moncton canada

bunks eric woodhouse and lol (question mark) westcott

The barracks




Canada 1941 canadascenary1 canadascenary2  canadascenary5 canadastreetscene canadatowerbuilding  churchincanada

Various scenary


There were stories my grandfather crashed his plane.  I hope he wasn’t taking a photo while flying!




 A horse and cart

   house Main street of barracks - Moncton 1941   monctonscenary1

More scenary – Canadians if you recognise any of these places let me know.

 streetscene train train2 train3 trainbridge trainscenary canadianpacific2816

Train appreciation

Front end of train - 4 carriages from rear, Canada 1941 at 50 mph

Taken from 4 carriages to the rear at 50 mph.

militaryguygroupphotowill on bike

Various people met on the journey.

In the middle photo my grandfather is the one sat down on the furthest to the left.

View from Barracks - Moncton, Canada 1941 monctonscenary2View from train - Canada 1941 Dec

It looks pretty cold – we have no right to complain in the UK!


Going to Moncton to replicate these photos were I can is on my ‘bucket’ list.  Thanks for viewing these photos.


Donald Wilson

2 thoughts on “Flying spitfires in Moncton, Canada, 1941

  1. Hey I’m from Moncton NB Canada I’ve seen your post and was curious too see what my city looked like back in the 40s lots of places in the photos you posted are still standing today and know almost every spot in the list of photos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cody, thanks for sharing. I’ve still not had chance to go over Moncton for a picture/picture comparison.

      I’m glad to hear that lots of the places are still standing!


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