“You’re a person who loses their temper easily…”

When a boss said that to me, I thought that was not like me at all.  I am pretty well laid back and from that statement I realised they did not know me at all.

Ironically I left the room in an angry state, then again they knew how to push my buttons.

Things continued throughout the rest of the year and occasionally I got angry.  It became clear that I had a problem with my emotions when I lost it during a meeting with the horrible boss.  I was just frustrated, I was not being listen to and I felt my skills were under utilised.  I was between punching them or crying – both would not result in great outcomes so I stormed out of the room.

I realised I had changed, I was an angry person, but what happened?

  • Perhaps it was my frustration that I was doing a job I was over qualified for.
  • Or that it had been years since I had any prospects with a woman.
  • My social life and hobby composed of going to the gym.

And this is why I was unhappy.

I did not want to be that person anymore, I wanted to go back to being the relaxed guy, the joker in the office.  And instead of being told that I had a short temper, I wanted to go back to being described as a ‘calming influence’

2013 was my angry year.

2014 was the year I would change and that is how the manifesto was born.

I used to be angry…

But then I thought “What do I have to be angry about?”


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