Recently someone I worked with left.

He is 65 and I assumed he was retiring.  Perhaps spending his time going on holidays or filling out the newspaper crossword.  But as it turns out he isn’t.

He is taking up consultancy work and in September he is undertaking a short course at University that will give him the ability to specialise in a new area of expertise in what has already been a long, successful career.

In some ways I thought it was insane that he was still willing to invest in himself at that age.  But it made me realise – you are never too old to learn new things.

In many ways being an old, but respected and experienced at his craft I would have thought that he would be the one teaching others.  But he is fully comfortable in himself to keep his ego in check and recognise that there are gaps in his skills he needs to explore.

How many of us would do that?

How many of us would do that, if we were going to retire in a year or two?

Once school has finished, so many of us get a job, get a house and a family and are happy to coast through life only taking opportunities if they happen to fall into our lap.

We think that we know enough or we can’t be bothered working as hard anymore.  We don’t want to risk change and are unwilling to push the limits of our potential.

It’s important to realise you are never too old to learn new things – whether this is for career development or our personal life.  We can increase our skills, knowledge and as a result open up new opportunities.

It is never too late to set yourself some objectives you would like to achieve.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

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Whatever happens – Don’t quit

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