Love, sex and apps…

I stopped watching the Apprentice years ago because it was the same repetitive format. But I read a piece on one of the finalists business ideas and I couldn't help resist giving my opinion when it was revealed that finalist Vana Koutsomitis is a dating app called 'PlayDate'. Although the decision was most likely made months … Continue reading Love, sex and apps…

3 Insightful Self-Improvement Reads

I always read self-help books on various subjects - it can be about careers, business, relationships, fitness or just living a better life, it is always a good source to get ideas and influence for self-improvement goals. There are a lot of crap books, lots of good ones and then there are those that change … Continue reading 3 Insightful Self-Improvement Reads

My angry year

"You're a person who loses their temper easily..." When a boss said that to me, I thought that was not like me at all.  I am pretty well laid back and from that statement I realised they did not know me at all. Ironically I left the room in an angry state, then again they … Continue reading My angry year

The life and mind of a perfectionist

When I was a young comic all I wanted to do is to go on stage for 5 minutes and make people laugh.  Then I thought, "Fuck that man, they better pay me."  And then they started paying me and I went, "I am better than these cunts, I'm going to be a headliner" I … Continue reading The life and mind of a perfectionist

About Perfect Manifesto

I kind of picked up on the WordPress Zero to Hero challenge a bit too late. It gave some 30 day steps and I thought it would be a good idea to help shape my blog. Of course I messed things up completely by day two, which was to tell the reader what your blog … Continue reading About Perfect Manifesto