I kind of picked up on the WordPress Zero to Hero challenge a bit too late.

It gave some 30 day steps and I thought it would be a good idea to help shape my blog.

Of course I fucked things up completely by day two, which was to tell the reader what your blog is about.GOALS

In my head I know what the Manifesto of Perfection is about, I have just been trying to sort out the mess that is my mind to give the reader an understanding on where I am coming from.

I have managed to run the blog to a twice a week schedule and had a number of likes and follows which is nicely reassuring as it doesn’t make me feel like a crazy man rambling to himself.

From this I do wonder if the people who chose to invest in following this blog will continue when they see what it is supposed to be about.

Also, I am still finding my writing voice, so in one post I may write some serious training tip and the next I may be writing an attempt at humour rant on why I left Facebook.

Anyway, hello to everyone reading – I suggest you read my new manifesto page to see whether this blog is for you.

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