Type in motivational video or fitness motivation in youtube and you get dozens of compilation videos using the same stuff from the same stuff:

  • Al Pacino in Any given Sunday – inch by inch, play by play.
  • Rocky six, where Sly is giving his son a kick up the arse with a motivational speech
  • Muhammad Ali

“I’m going to show you how great I am”

But they always miss one film off.  A film that got one lazy fat kid off the couch.

A film that inspired him to want to become a hockey player (but he didn’t as there were no rinks nearby for him to go)

A film that even to this today is the reason why he always looks amazing when the temporary rink is set up at Christmas time.

Yes, I am talking about the motivation speech scene in the Mighty Ducks sequel.

Ducks fly together…

As Team USA are losing after some questionable tactics from the opposition the kids resort to acting unprofessionally, resorting in roughing up the opposition, cheating and just generally messing about.

But Coach Bombay (Emilio Estevez), calls the team out on their actions.  He rallies the team calling on the need for them to behave in an honourable manner and the importance of being themselves.

And so the team is regrouped as the Mighty Ducks.

Who would have thought a kids film could have such a motivational scene, so anyway… Emilio nailed it.

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