The Gym Dad

It was probably the fifth night my baby girl was wide awake, her preferred state of rest beingclosely embraced by a parent. Comfortable for her, but not the most productive way for my wifeand I to live. I couldn’t help feeling antsy knowing there was an early morning gym session planned, gingerly Iwent to move … Continue reading The Gym Dad

7 of the Greatest Life Lessons Everyone Should Follow

It was my birthday last month. As I get another year closer to death, here are the seven most important lessons from my life (so far): Prioritise getting your own life in order first, before you try to help anyone else I’m a massive advocate that if you haven’t sorted yourself out first, you have … Continue reading 7 of the Greatest Life Lessons Everyone Should Follow

Out of step (with the world)

Several years ago my life was a mess, despite ambition and a strong work ethic, I saw little to no results. With hindsight my priorities were out of order I was volunteering for an environmental charity where I was focused on trying to make the world better.  This was not making life better and I … Continue reading Out of step (with the world)