Since getting my own home I have started caring about gardening.

Personally I think how someone presents their garden says a lot about a person and I have always wanted to grow my own veg – so it was a natural move for me to dedicate some time in Spring to this aim.

I started growing my seeds in boxes in the window.  Soon they started to sprout, so I transferred them to bigger boxes.  I went away on holiday for a few days and worried how I was going to water my plants.

So I devised a simple way of keeping the seedlings moist by spraying the box.  Things continued to grow – they were getting a bit too big for my ledge, so it was time to transfer them outside.

I decide to protect the plants a bit longer in a mini greenhouse that I purchase.  A flimsy fragile thing – I put a brick in the bottom to keep it standing in the wind.

England had it’s first major sun of the year and I was glad – perhaps my plants and crops would turn out okay.

I was in the bath, the very next day it suddenly started raining – the side effects of a storm that I had not even aware of.  I heard the wind suddenly gushing outside.  Then I heard a loud crash.  I thought I better make sure my mini greenhouse was okay.

So I quickly threw on some clothes and dashed out in the pouring rain.  Too late, it had blown over and soil was all over the floor.  Pots and soils was mixed and had gone all over the floor.  Seeding lings where crushed or lost in the soil and the latest batch of vegetable seeds had all mixed together.

I could have cried.  I quickly tried throwing things back together and moved the mini greenhouse into the garage, trying to replace soil where possible.

I sat inside and felt sorry for myself – all that time wasted – I was just seeing progression and now I had this set-back.

My first adventures in growing my own veg isn’t going great.  I feel disheartened – right now I want to get back to work on my garden and veg but can’t because of the heavy rain.  But when I do, I am determined to make it bigger and better than I ever intended.

9 thoughts on “Setbacks

  1. i am sorry about your garden. i used to have an herb garden and it brought me joy. i hope you try again and have better results.


    1. Thanks. First thing I did this morning was clear up the mess, try and salvage some plants and replant some new veg. It’s all a learning experience – see what happens next 🙂


      1. I still had seeds left over from my carrots, broccoli and onion as I was trying to stagger so I didn’t get too much at once. It’s inspired me to getting some more things – looking at adding blueberry and blackberry bushes in the garden 🙂


      2. Blackberries are always good in England without having to really try – you always see them in woodlands or at the side or roads growing wild. The Blueberries will take a bit more work and depend on the weather, which as it’s England won’t be good over the summer!


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