Over the winter I had a horrid cold.

It sapped my motivation and drained my ability to keep up with a fitness schedule.  Noramlly when I talk about cutting a fitness schedule, I usually refer to a run – I wasn’t even going to the gym.

Combined with Christmas, New Year, an increase in snacking at work and generally a number of poor dietary decisions, I wasn’t looking forward to weighing myself.

The last time I had a weight-in, I was 13 stone 1 (about 84.3 kg).  Not the best weight for me, but pretty much my standard when I am not training too hard and indulging in life.

At my best I am about 12 stone 1 (about 76.6 kg). That meant that I was being very careful – lots of exercise, nutritious meals and if I snacked it was only fruit and nuts.

I knew that I wouldn’t weigh that.  But really didn’t expect to get on the scales and it say 91.4 kg (about 14 stone 6).

At first there was a process of denial – I blamed the scales, then I attributed some of it to muscle.  Then I just blindly faced facts – whether the scales were heavy or not I needed to drop weight.

So now, it’s less indulging, more exercise and more routine.

Six weeks after facing facts.  I have now dropped to 13 stone 11

Now another 1 and a bit stone to go.

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