Hello dear reader,

Upon the positive feedback on my post writing good comments on a blog, I thought I would extend my advice to another area that irritates me in the world of blogging and blog writing.

The irritant is when a site or an author takes the piss out of their loyal readers.

Firstly I will give a definition of my colloquialism:

take the piss (out of someone or something)

phrase of piss

  1. [British] vulgar slang

Mock someone or something

Right now that’s cleared up onto the issue…

Don’t take the piss out of your audience

The most valuable thing a person has is their time and guess what?  They have chosen to spend a part of that time reading your blog or website.

They have chosen to watch your videos.

They follow you on social media.

Therefore the first step to not take the piss out of your audience is not to do a mind dump or post crap because you want to feel good about yourself by boosting your page views.

Don’t hold them to ransom.

One of the most dispisable acts of taking the piss of a loyal audience was from a webcomic I used to read.  Every few weeks the creator used to post messages saying:

“I’m getting bored of this, I need readers so send me 100 dollars to my paypal by date otherwise I will stop writing Shitty webcomic [Name I provided not actual comic name]

Surprisingly this went on for a while until his loyal audience started to see sense and stopped donating every time he had a temper tantrum like a spoilt entitled child.  As a result he stopped drawing the comic, the audience remaining disappeared and that was that.


Don’t expect everyone to buy everything

One of my favourite blogs which was actually the inspiration behind me starting The Manifesto of Perfection actually managed to destroy my interest as a loyal reader because he kept taking the piss through his mailing list.

I signed up to his mailing list because I was as loyal an audience as a blog writer could want – I would read his latest posts, view his YouTube videos and even bought his ebooks off Amazon.

But I constantly got bombarded with various money making shills like online coaching.  This was fine I would just ignore them as it didn’t interest me.

But then I would get these “Hey man, didn’t you see that incredible offer I told you about yesterday”.

This would then be repeated over the course of several days and it occured everytime and eventually I unsubscribed because I got fed up being talked to like an idiot for missing out on some ‘fantastic’ offer.

The case of the crappy purchase content

Many bloggers use their blog as a ‘side hustle’ to make extra money – whether it’s selling online coaching, advertising, YouTube monetization or ebook selling – I have no issue with this.

But when greed gets in the way of artistic integrity or understanding the needs of the audience, this is when a creator really takes the piss!

I can forgive irritating adverts, or crappy YouTube videos.  What gets me is a bad ebook that has been thrown together!  I mentioned on the last Fast Friday post that I had read Gorilla Mindset.  The biggest disappointment was the obvious spelling mistakes and it containing a lot of generic advice.

On the plus side at least with Gorilla Mindset, the author actually bothered to write content for his book.  I have purchased ebooks for £7 that are 100 pages long, double line spaced and each chapter follows the format of this:

  • Introduction to subject area of chapter
  • Author’s personal experience of issue
  • Generic advice that you can read on the first page of a Google search
  • Links to other people’s websites and resources that may be dead links if you click it.

I estimate that this probably took the author no more than a few weeks to write.  If they had spent more time to plan out their writing, put more effort into research, make the content slightly longer and of course more time for a spelling and grammar check they would have kept a future customer and loyal blog reader.  Instead they lost me all for one book sale!

Respond to your damn comments!

One of the greatest pleasures for me is receiving comments on any of my posts.  I always make some time to respond to these comments, no matter how busy my life gets.

But you also get those with the celebrity complex’ where they don’t even respond to comments left!  This is just insulting when someone has left a comment sharing a thought, idea or general compliment about a post.

Now I want you to imagine this scene:

It’s a Thursday evening – my wife is out having a meal with friends.  This is a great time for me because I can focus on writing.  But first I have creator duties to perform – responding to people’s comments, visiting the sites of people who have followed me, then if time visiting the sites of those who have liked my posts.

Often I will read two, three or more posts of these and generally leave a comment engaging on whatever their post(s) are about and thanking them from following my blog.  It’s surprising the number of times I don’t get a response.


All it takes is a “thank you for taking the time to comment”

I treat interaction very seriously – anyone can ‘Like’ a post or ‘Follow’ a WordPress blog, but a comment takes serious thought.  Appreciate the person who left it.



To Conclude I think it’s worth me reemphasizing what I said at the start:

Every Time a person reads your post, they are taking up free time they won’t get back!

Every Time a person makes a comment, they are taking up time they could be doing something else!

People are choosing to spend a tiny part of their life consuming what you produce!  So don’t take the piss – the least you can do is give them the time of day!


Thanks for reading.

I would just like to say I love my readers, therefore if you have any comments please leave them below, or e-mail me at averageperfect@outlook.com or if you want to share my article on Twitter make sure to tag @averageperfect in so that I can show my gratitude and appreciation.



16 thoughts on “Perfect Blogging: Don’t take the piss

  1. Exactly! I really could not agree with you more. Especially about the comments thing. It doesn’t bother me if it takes many days to reply, but if I’m taking the time out of my day to read someone’s blog post & feel compelled to comment, receiving zero response at any point just makes me feel like my time was wasted.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I want people to follow my blog because they enjoy the content. No gimmicks or anything like that.
    It’s awesome getting a comment from someone. That and generating and conversation is the best part of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ang comments are always nice because it illustrates that your work has created some sort of emotion from a person. Thank you for your comment ☺


  3. Good points. I guess we’ve all encountered at least some of these. The email bombardment probably is the most annoying to me. Even if someone gets dozens/hundreds of comments, a general “thank you” after most of the comments have been received would be better than nothing! It also irks me when someone asks a legitimate question and it goes unanswered, especially when the blogger has done an informative piece or YouTube video.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Gloria. I can accept if someone has a really popular blog if they can’t get round to interacting with everyone, but I see people with blogs that probably don’t even make two dozen unique views a week, never bothering to respond to comments – and they wonder why there audience isn’t even growing.
      And agreed, sometimes I have been wondering similar things and notice that another viewer has already asked the question but no one has bothered answering it.

      Thanks very much for your comment


  4. Oh James, well i never knew people behave so badly and ask for money directly. Omg. Yes the comments thing.. are the big blogs? There one blogger who followed and i read his stuff and i like his stuff so i followed him. I always read his stuff cause it is and i comment.. but i dont get the same manners back.

    Now James i feel i must say sorry if i simply liked a commented you left on my blog. 😞

    Regards bella

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha don’t worry I haven’t been baring grudges I think you respond most of the time besides you always take the time to comment on my work ☺ I can understand if someone gets 100s of comments for every post why they don’t respond, but then you get those who are getting little to no interaction. The funny thing is then they wonder why not one is reading or engaged with their work!

      Thanks very much for your comment ☺

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I just don’t get why when some bloggers are wanting to build their audience they don’t do some basic public relations. If someone has taken the time to comment then it means they engaged with the content more than the average reader, just by responding could make them a regular reader!

      Thanks for your comment


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