The Internal Struggle Of Living Up To Greatness

What happens when you reach the peak of greatness? How are you supposed to surpass a major success? In this post we will look at some of my recent challenges face from writing a blog post, the feeling of being overwhelmed to keep up to the standard, and how to keep up and handle the pressure of greatness!

How To Write A 1000 Word Blog: Copy This Framework

It's an established fact that search engines favour longer posts over 1000+ words However when it comes to writing something more substantial, it can be difficult to coordinate. This post shows a simple outline framework to help you structure writing longer posts.

New Posts: January 2021

Thanks for reading, a blog dedicated to fatherhood, health and self-improvement. Happy New Year! Check out my new post highlights for January 2021: 8 Nice Things You Can Do to Make People Feel Welcome at Your Gym this New Year Online I read an unwelcoming attitude to gym newcomers in January.  This post was … Continue reading New Posts: January 2021