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Happy New Year! Check out my new post highlights for January 2021:

8 Nice Things You Can Do to Make People Feel Welcome at Your Gym this New Year

Online I read an unwelcoming attitude to gym newcomers in January.  This post was a plea for patience, understanding and support of any resolutioners to encourage them to continue their journey of living a positive healthy lifestyle.

After I wrote this gyms in the UK were shut with lockdown part 3, so not really anytime for anyone to experience the gym rush in January and follow this advice.  I just hope it makes people appreciate how valuable the gym is for making a difference to anyone who shows up.

With this I’m predicting that gym demand will pickup, too many people sat around eating needing to make positive changes.  So be nice and remember you were new once too!

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Read: 8 Nice Things You Can Do to Make People Feel Welcome at Your Gym this New Year

Don’t Take the Opportunity

A little anecdote from my life when I decided not to take an opportunity that could have turned out lucrative.

Sometimes when these opportunities come at the expense of other more important priorities, it’s good to miss out on these chances…

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Read: Don’t Take the Opportunity

The Blog Writers Guide to Overcoming Writers Block

When you have a regular posting schedule on a blog, it can be naturally to reach a period where inspiration isn’t coming always.

This post originated as a response to a Tweet.  I wanted to expand on these ideas and gives so thoughts and ideas to get over this lull.

So far the post has received lots of positive feedback from bloggers, I’d welcome yours too…

> >Self-improvement

Read: The Blog Writers Guide to Overcome Writers Block

Thank you all for your continued support!  Be better than yesterday!



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