Why bucket lists are bad and why you should shun them

Let's say I asked you to put together a bucket list – a list of things that you want to do before you die. Before reading on just take a minute to think about what those things would be. Done it? Okay I will continue… Without even knowing you I bet it included something of … Continue reading Why bucket lists are bad and why you should shun them


Yamas! Enjoy life like a Greek islander

I have just come back from Rhodes, a Greek island and life there seemed so much simpler than what we have in the UK. Rhodes - a Greek island, but nearer Turkey The jobs seem to mostly relate to tourism (or are a byproduct created because of tourism) and as a result the people who … Continue reading Yamas! Enjoy life like a Greek islander

Christmas Eve…

I was going to post something today.  But then I remembered that it was Christmas Eve, so thought I would leave it until everyone is back to normal. So instead, please see one of my favourite Christmas songs that never fails to put a smile on my face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDBMzGq1vhs Happy Christmas James

How not to prepare for a 10k race

Prior to my well organised Spartan double, last month I did the Pudsey 10k. This was quiet a significant race as: This was the first time that I had done a 10k race since July last year It marked the first time that I have run such a distance since September last year. Not only was … Continue reading How not to prepare for a 10k race

Merry Christmas

Thanks for the support so far, hope you have a great christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to follow) and are ready for new personal development opportunities in the New Year.  

Tenerife Bar Scene

I don't know why I took this picture of the bar.  Perhaps being a young, intoxicated man on holiday seeing a blonde girl swinging round a pole in a bar enticed me. I wonder what happened to her. Guess she never saw her modelling career ending up that way.