Assert Yourself! How to Not Be a Pushover When You Don’t Want to Do Something

Your life is your life... So why do you allow yourself to be pushed into doing things you don't want to do? The time you have is precious - you only get this opportunity once, why waste it on people, projects, activities that don't interest you? If you have problems asserting yourself, check out the … Continue reading Assert Yourself! How to Not Be a Pushover When You Don’t Want to Do Something

Rep Ranges for Gym Goals (Infographic)

A mistake many beginners make when they start in the gym is applying the wrong rep ranges for their intended goals. For example: I've seen people wanting to look 'ripped', yet how they train is more appropriate for someone looking to increase their 1 rep max. Enjoy this infographic I have put together to simply … Continue reading Rep Ranges for Gym Goals (Infographic)

4 Tricks To Take Control of Your Emotions (Infographic)

Having the ability to control your emotions is a great skill to possess. When you choose how your react to a situation you become empowered, not allowing how you feel about a situation control your mind. If you want some tips to take better control of your emotions - whether it is reacting in anger, … Continue reading 4 Tricks To Take Control of Your Emotions (Infographic)

4 elements to understand change (Infographic)

I recently wrote a new article for Tribe Media all about a formula that helps you understand why change happens. It's a useful skill to understand the basics of change management in both our personal and professional life and I wanted to share the highlights from my writing here in this infographic. 4 elements to … Continue reading 4 elements to understand change (Infographic)

Develop resilience to pressure (Infographic)

Hi folks, How is everyone holding up? If there is something I've noticed about these times it's different peoples ability to handle pressure. Some people are quite stoic, accept the situation for what it is and recognise whatever restrictions are in place, no one can lock down their mind. While other people are hysterical, the … Continue reading Develop resilience to pressure (Infographic)

Simple home bodyweight workout

Well folks, Coronavirus has now resulted in gyms in the UK finally being shutdown. I knew this week my gym sessions were on borrowed time - everytime I had a workout I pushed myself like there was no tomorrow, so to speak, but it still hurt when the government finally shut my temple down. The … Continue reading Simple home bodyweight workout

Win big like Churchill

Throughout history there is no leadership figure with so many documented failures, like Winston Churchill, who inevitably kept bouncing back. The infographic below explains Churchill's magic... This image is based on my post Mindset of a Serial Failure, published through the Tribe Media Newsletter.  You can subscribe here. Like this post?  Join the Perfect Manifesto … Continue reading Win big like Churchill