Well folks,

Coronavirus has now resulted in gyms in the UK finally being shutdown.

I knew this week my gym sessions were on borrowed time – everytime I had a workout I pushed myself like there was no tomorrow, so to speak, but it still hurt when the government finally shut my temple down.

The gym is a very special place for me – always being there to care for me in good and bad times.

I admit I’m feeling a little lost and already accepting the fact I won’t be doing any big deadlifting soon.

So to start my focus is on doing something – which is why I’m doing this super simple home bodyweight workout.

  • Press-ups
  • Squats
  • Situps

I’m doing this with intent to add more and mix my workouts up a bit with the equipment I have, but thought I would share.

If you want to give it a good yourself note the following:

  • make sure you’re warmed up
  • make adjustments to make the reps easier or harder
  • if 100 is too much do what feels comfortable and aim to build up

Stay safe everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Simple home bodyweight workout

  1. Home workouts will become more normal for folks! I’m a middle age woman who has just had a re-emerging couple of Shingles outbreaks (I had chronic Shingles for 10 years, many years ago) so doing a physically demanding workout isn’t a good idea when my body needs rest.

    That doesn’t mean to say I’m inactive! Yesterday I was able to get outside for a walk in the fresh air, as we finally got a sunny day! I’m still required to go into work 3 days a week (I’m able to WFH for 2 days) so I try to get my steps in around the office!

    I do some stretching to help release stress and when I do exercise, it’s very slow, mindful movements which actually cause the muscles to engage fully through the range of motion.

    Keep up the good work of motivating people in a healthy way!!

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    1. Yeah slow and steady pace is the way to go – the walk, sun and air does a lot of good.

      Understand with the office – its easy to get stuck to the desk but regular breaks and lunch time walking helps.

      Thanks for the comment looking to start publishing more fitness / wellbeing content especially to help people through isolation period!

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