Hi folks,

How is everyone holding up?

If there is something I’ve noticed about these times it’s different peoples ability to handle pressure.

Some people are quite stoic, accept the situation for what it is and recognise whatever restrictions are in place, no one can lock down their mind.

While other people are hysterical, the panic buyers, the conspiracy theorists, with no resilience whatsoever to the pressure being experienced.

I know who I’d rather be talking to.

So today I thought I would share an infographic sharing ideas from two of my writings:

Be Cool – Develop Resilience To Pressure, which was an article I wrote for Tribe Media


Handling pressure: Lessons from the SAS, which is pretty self-explanatory and based on an idea I got from the book SAS: Who Dares Wins

Keep cool, keep calm, keep your sanity and be safe.

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