This week lockdown was announced in the UK, meaning more time spent at home.

Today’s post give some advice to protect your mental health, wellbeing and sanity during COVID-19.

Avoid speculation and suspicious sources

Social media is full of bleak conspiracy theories, speculation and erroneous information – in this time don’t use it to seek answers, content can be downright depressing and make you feel worse.

Avoid watching too much news

Updates on COVID-19 are constantly available, and unfortunately most news function by furthering their own agenda and spreading fear.

This can create a feeling of hopelessness – switch off and focus on key updates.

Keep connected with technology

Apps such as Zoom and Facebook messenger can provide face to face interaction to family friends you can’t see.

It adds to entertainment seeing boomer relatives struggle to master the technology and accidentally putting on a filter where they are wearing make up and a wig!

…Or you can just pick up the phone!


Recognise it’s okay to feel down

This is a distressing time and inevitable you will feel low.  The important thing is managing these periods to bounce back providing the support and lead your family with reassurance.


Recognise what’s within your control

Everything in life fall under your zone of control, influence or concern.

Image from Sublime your time

COVID-19 is concern as we have no control over its spread (apart from isolating yourself / family)

Focus on the zone of control as this is where your happiness lies and we have power to change.

Get exercise

Do home bodyweight workouts, follow an online class, go for a walk or run (subject to local restrictions).

Keep yourself physical motivated and functioning with purpose.

For further support please see this article from Mental Health Foundation UK to help look after your mental health and wellbeing if you are restricted to your home.

Look after yourself and your family!

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3 thoughts on “Keep your sanity in COVID-19 isolation

    1. I restrict my update to the official line once a day. No reading facebook updates ‘a doctor I know told me…’ type stuff. Then just focus on interests, work and relaxing.

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