When I lived with my parents there was a reservoir near where we lived, it had a nice little, flat path about 2km long, that surprisingly for the number of dog walkers, very little dog shit.

As we were in the country,  naturally the only thing there was to do was poke dead things with a stick.  I got bored a lot so I started a ‘reservoir run’, this would kill about 10 – 15 minutes

Benefits of a reservoir run:

The benefits I found of the reservoir run are:

  • It didn’t matter if I had been to the gym, due to the short distance it was not too demanding on the body.
  • I could fit it in between a busy schedule as it did not take long.
  • It gave me an idea of how fast I could run 2km, I then made and beat new target times on a regular basis.
  • The run had a benefit on my general running fitness, it always gave me an advantage when starting a 5k or 10k race – although I could not maintain that pace throughout it gave me a starting advantage.
  • I beat both my personal best time for the 5k and 10k distances when I started doing this.
  • Due to my demanding schedule I was not always able to commit to training for 5k or 10k, doing this helped me prepare for race day.
  • It benefits disciplines like Obstacle racing due to the short distance run/obstacle/short distance run/obstacle/obstacle method that these races have.

Therefore I recommend doing your own version of a reservoir run, you don’t have to live by a reservoir or a nice area – find a nice stretch of road that you know the distance of and run it!

While doing the short run try doing the following to improve your fitness:

  • Run a faster pace than you normally would (so that you can feel those lungs working).
  • Get up to sprint speed, let your heart race then gradually slowly your sprint down to a normal jogging level (repeat until finish).
  • Find targets to reach, so that you go faster to get to them (repeat)
  • Try and beat your personal best on the route each time you go.
  • Split the course into halfs or quarters so that you can measure how long it takes in each section of the run.

What you need to do:

  1. Go to Map My Run to layout a route near you.
  2. Put on your appropriate gear and running shoes
  3. Run!

What time can you run?

I have managed 2km in 6 minutes 37 seconds in the ‘Reservoir run’.  What can you achieve in this short space of time?  Get of your backside, you have time to read this blog, so you have time for a reservoir run.

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