5 Tricks To Stay Calm In A Stressful Situation

Humans are biologically built to react to pressure - our bodies react to this stress by releasing hormones designed to get our hearts racing. This makes it hard to remain calm. Although not necessarily the solution, the following approaches help: Detach yourself When faced with stress, try and remove yourself so it’s not so personal … Continue reading 5 Tricks To Stay Calm In A Stressful Situation

What We Consume…

Always remember what you consume has an impact on your mindset. If you are constantly surrounded by messages telling you why everything is bad, why you are not good enough, then you start to believe it. Some deliberately push these messages of negativity to target your insecurities and then try to profit from your misery … Continue reading What We Consume…

The No Complaining Challenge 2020: A Retrospective

If you are from the UK you will know what ‘Clap for the NHS’ is  – a time during Coronavirus lockdown where members of the public went outside once a week at 8pm to show solidarity to healthcare staff and key workers. I was overwhelmed the first time this happened – my whole street was … Continue reading The No Complaining Challenge 2020: A Retrospective

What Are You Grateful For?

Have you seen my No Complaining Challenge yet? Because many are calling 2020 a ‘bad’ year, this seemed like an ideal time to challenge my readers not to complain for the next three weeks. Check it out! In today's post I want to look at gratitude. When times are hard, you may say: “What is … Continue reading What Are You Grateful For?

Why Be Negative?

“One day I decided I wanted to be positive, so I chose to be…” Why be negative? As you undertake the No Complaining Challenge, it’s a simple question to ask yourself. An effective tip when attempting not to complain, is to identify the sources that set you off grumbling – whether it’s bad drivers, a … Continue reading Why Be Negative?

The No Complaining Challenge 2020

2020 eh? I wonder what the history books will write about this year? For me it will go down as the year I had to be extra resilient to fight off the forces of negativity. With less than ideal things happening in the world, this has seen a general increase in moaning across the global … Continue reading The No Complaining Challenge 2020

You are your friends

This post was originally posted in March 2015 and has been reposted to illustrate some of the work I am writing on Medium.com. "Birds of a feather flock together" Friends are the biggest influence in our lives, even more than family. If you don't believe me, look at many school reports for badly behaved children.  They … Continue reading You are your friends