“Everybody is talking about this issue, why are they not doing anything about it?”

Being an environmentalist, this was something I heard all the time at events like this.

My main issue with this statement is the assumption from the individual that environmental sustainability is everyone’s main priority.  The reason they (i.e. the politicians) were not doing anything about ‘it’ was the simple fact that everybody wasn’t talking about this issue (i.e. the environment).

The environmentalist can be quick to judge those not fully behind the cause as selfish, but humans are more complicated than that, with a lack of appreciation that the average man on the street has other conflicting interests and priorities such as work, health, and their families.

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The Sacrifice of Alexander Hamilton

Recently I have been reading one of those free kindle books called “The History of the United States” by a gentleman called Cecil Chesterton.

It was published near the beginning of the 20th Century, so it is written in an old fashion way and occasionally you pick up on some views that were popular at the time (His views on the 15th Amendment particularly made me laugh as he would probably be called a misogynist nowadays). Continue reading “The Sacrifice of Alexander Hamilton”

The Failure: Karate Instructor dream

I was reading the book  “How to fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of Story of my Life”  a sort of self-help book by the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams.

One of the chapters that inspired me was where he listed his biggest failures and what he learnt from them.

I did the same, what was intended to be a 800 word blog post turned into one of the most brutal exercises I have ever undertaken. Continue reading “The Failure: Karate Instructor dream”