I really love my punk rock.  The first time I went to a show was to see the Bouncing Souls support the Dropkick Murphys.

I liked the Souls from the start, I gradually worked my way through their back catalogue, even eventually purchasing the reprint of their rare debut album – The Greenball Crew.

I also like a lot of other punk bands, so naturally I wanted to listen to punk music while I train.  Doing a search for punk music to workout to, gives little good results, usually favouring metal music or the hip-hop we already have on our playlists.

With its short songs, fast beats per minute, catchy guitar and motivational lyrics I am surprised that more punk songs are not recommended.  Therefore here are ten of my recommendations to start a punk rock training playlist.

1) Champion – Promise Kept

Promises Kept by Champion is a great way to start your punk rock playlist.  With the slow building introduction that blasts into life, I think this track is perfect for warming up, into a faster training pace.

2) Reel Big Fish – Take on me

Probably the greatest punk cover ever, Reel Big Fish covering an A-Ha song guarantees catchy lyrics, awesome trumpets to keep you motivated and a song so upbeat you might find yourself skanking between sets.

3) NOFX – Linoleum

A nice quick song, that is so full of energy that you’ll be able to blast out the reps

4) Teenage Bottlerocket – Bigger than Kiss

Teenage Bottlerocket are punk rock orbiters, recognised as being good but not getting the respect on the level of other punk bands.  They really do deserve to be Bigger than Kiss, this song is so good at pumping you up on the pull-up bar I just leave it on repeat until I move on.

5) Agnostic Front – Blitzkrieg Bop

I will probably get crap from the punk rock purists, who will wonder why I didn’t go for the Ramones original.  It’s simple this one is faster, louder, and with more powerful vocals, that will make you pull off some personal bests.

6) Refused – New Noise

If you’re reading this and think punk is all power chord bullshit I recommend you check out Refused, who are respected in the punk community for their innovation.

Their album the Shape of Punk to come feels like something ahead of its time.  Anyway New Noise is the ‘big’ track from that album, this goes the route of gentle build-explosion approach.

With awesome guitar hooks and screaming vocals, this one made me nearly shit myself once, when I accidentally turned the volume full blast.

7) Social Distortion – Ball and Chain

Some may be surprised at this choice, it’s a bit more mellow compared to the other tracks, but the lyrics are great, a good ‘reflection’ song to use as you are coming to the end of your workout.

8) Filaments – Tales from the Barside

The Filaments did a catchy, fast song, this was inspired by cockney pub sing alongs around the piano.  As a result this song is great to use on runs or in the gym, just try to resist doing air guitar on the solo.

9) Sham 69 – If the Kids are united

I feel I neglected the UK punk scene, but I feel that is due to the decline in acts being promoted on record labels, with the UK alternative scene seeming to prefer metal.  This is a great song, with a sing-along chorus that makes you wish it was 1977 again.

10) Bouncing Souls – Gasoline

I couldn’t finish my playlist off without my beloved Bouncing Souls, their motivating songs about friendship have got me through some tough times.

Gasoline is my favourite Souls song for gym training, capturing that spirit of doing things for yourself:

Somebody’s prayin’
Take anything you want
Just don’t show me who I am

So there you go, those are my ten favourite punk-rock training tracks whether I am at the gym or out on runs.  If you have punk tracks that work well with training let me know.

Want some more punk songs to listen to at the gym?  Check out 21 Great Punk Workout Songs for 2021


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