Like sequels to films, follow ups to early blog posts may not be as good.  But when I wrote my first punk rock playlist for training, there were many tracks I listen to that I omitted.  So here are five more great tracks.

Gorilla Biscuits – New Direction

Play this track at the start of your workout, feel the trumpets at the beginning to get you pumped and get moving.  Grabbing a swiss ball to do air drumming is optional.

Millencolin – Penguins and Polar Bears

I love listening to this track.  For some reason I think I am in a montage as I run hard, lay into a punch bag and blast out the weights.  Great, great workout song

Jello Biafra and D.O.A – Full metal jackoff

This is a long track at 14 minutes – not the typical short punk track I know, but perfect for when you want a good song to get you relaxed into a long run.

Teenage Bottlerocket – Headbanger

I included Teenage Bottlerocket in previous playlist and here they are again.  No surprises as they go hard and fast, I could recommend just listening to Teenage Bottlerocket album during a workout, but this track is a stand out track.

Lit – Over my head

Taken from the film Titan AE, this is a fun pop-punk number that has some inspiring lyrics for a tough gym session.  I get my second wind just hearing:

 “I think that maybe… I’m in over my head”

So there you go – five more tracks to add to your playlist.  If you want more punk songs to listen to in the gym, don’t forget to look at my original training playlist or drop me suggestions of any punk tracks you like to work out to below.


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