In January I set myself the goal to ‘Be more assertive’.

This was a development on a goal I had originally set called ‘Stop looking after my friends so much’.

The last few months has been a key few months – for developing the importance of this goal.  I have started my new job, but realise (and have been told) that I lack the confidence to express my opinions).


Sure there is a limit – there are people who just like to be disagreeable, but I realise that if I do not start standing up for myself, this will effect my life and by default many of my goals and aspirations.


The Problem

If I ignore the problem then the following things may happen in my life:

  • I take on too much responsibility because I can’t say no – this leads to a break down.
  • In my attempts to impress at work I overlook myself for promotion because I come off as being unable to make tough decisions, instead trying to make everyone happy.
  • People know I am a pushover and take advantage.
  • I may encounter a situation I am not happy about, but because I am a pushover I do not say anything and make myself miserable.
  • Friends and Family make bad decisions because I am scared to offend.

There are probably many scenarios I have not even considered, but these are some of the main issues that have an effect – some, despite a denial, are actually happening in my life right now.


The Solution

The first step – like an alcoholic is accepting I have a problem.   So no more denial that it is not as bad as I would like to think.  My denial is perhaps stemmed from thinking I am a ‘nice guy’.  Well no more.

My name is James, and I am a pushover…


The Next Steps

In my quest to be more assertive I will:

  • Develop role models – look at examples of people who refused to budge or who weren’t afraid to offend
  • Read assertiveness literature
  • Make a conscious decision to take an assertive decision everyday – this can be saying no to a task, expressing a conflicting opinion or telling someone when they have annoyed or offended me.
  • Create assertiveness rules – a guide for myself of what I need to adhere to, to become a more assertive person.

Further reading:

A guide to being assertive

GOALSETTINGManifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month



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