As I get older I realise how much my priorities in life have been all out of whack.

I have done a lot of reading about successful people and I notice a general trend of how they prioritise their own lives.


Because if they are not fully functioning (health, work, sanity…) how can they begin to even support anyone else.


Once they are normal functioning people they can provide support on making their own families lives better.


Their family is doing well, so then they start to implement themselves more in the wider community, using their skills, knowledge and contacts.


They have a good reputation in their community.  But now they aim for bigger things.


Only the exceptionally powerful get here, you’ve got to be to make a difference to the world.

Although I am not saying the small things we do can’t change the world, we can probably make a bigger impact in our own, family or communities life.

The Priority Levels

The top layer can only be supported if foundations below has been built

I came to this personal conclusion that there is a level of priorities because I only found my own life getting better when I focused on myself.  Now I am at the level of supporting family.  I hope in the future I will get to a point where I can help my community.

Sure I may be wrong, but then again I see lots of people who skip the first two levels with a messy, dysfunctional life.


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