No ego, No quit, No hate

Recently I had the pleasure of running the No Ego Challenge, a delightful five mile trail race that starts at 6.30pm.  Because of this noticeable caveat, it is pitch black, therefore a head torch is not a luxury, but a must to run.

As it was my first race in almost two years, No Ego was a new challenge, where I couldn’t predict how I would perform.

The darkness was a unique challenge making it difficult to see what was underfoot and I had fresh concerns about old injuries wondering if my plantar fasciitis coming back to bite me in the… foot.

The good news is I am writing this post, so I returned and am not still wondering about Dalby Forest lost.  No Ego was a race where I learned about the importance of mental grit. Continue reading “No ego, No quit, No hate”


I once caught a fish…



…. and it was this big

The Tour De France… in Yorkshire

The Tour De France… in Yorkshire:     So the Tour de France came to Yorkshire…  This was a pretty historic occasions as I don’t think there has ever been an event of this magnitude in Yorkshire ever.  This was not an experience I wanted to miss, so I went to Leeds to see the start.

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Review: Jessica Ennis – Unbelievable

Review: Jessica Ennis – Unbelievable:      To inspire my training for Badass Mudder I have utilised my library membership reading the biographies of a number of athletes to inspire me and to get an understanding on the way of the winner.


I started off with Jessica Ennis – Unbelievable.


Unfortunately a few pages in you are presented with the biggest biography cliché

“I’m just an ordinary person from a statement that infers mediocrity in town/city

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Come to Yorkshire

Come down to Yorkshire I’ll show you round.

We can see the history in York, go round the bars in Leeds or head up to Whitby and see the sea.

Also, we have Tour de France coming up soon… Continue reading “Come to Yorkshire”