My job is pretty basic, once I learnt the role there was not much to challenge me.

I realise I waste a good chunk of my day coasting and not doing anything towards self-improvement goals.

When I think about it, it annoys and frustrates me, so I try not to think about it too much.  Instead I find ways of getting paid to self-improve, which beats sitting behind a desk 8 hours a day.

The first step

In order to self-improve, my employers are looking at ways that benefits them because at the end of the day they don’t give a shit about me.

Hence I looked for opportunites for training.  A lot of this is basic IT skills and management, which is not applicable to my needs.  However I have just become a qualified first aider.

Second step

I take a pretty mercenary attitude to my job, whoever pays me the most gets my loyalty.  I volunteer for extra opportunities beyond the basics of my job, this helps develop my knowledge of my role and gets me about the organisation to help develop my network.

Third step

I’ll be honest, a lot needs improving in my workplace, I am probably over qualified for my job, therefore I probably have a few too many big ideas.  But I would like to put my £22,000 A4 paper to good use.

Therefore I have taken the liberty of improving my own work place systems to make my job easier.

I have suggested changes to improving things to management, however that feels too much like banging head against a brick wall.

Fourth step

As I make efforts to try and make things better for my employers, I also want to do things with my work colleagues, as I am lucky they are not twats.

Therefore, for the fourth step I do some social initiatives, I have started up a running club, which takes place once a week in lunchtime where I plan routes.

This is a great benefit, as I get a chance to talk to people out of the office and share my knowledge of health and fitness with them.

We also do other social stuff, such as go out for meals and organise fundraisers.

I would like to do more stuff to improve the workplace and give me opportunities to self-develop.  Unfortunately my job gets in the way of doing all the fun stuff.

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