It is nearly time for many to make New Years resolutions.

It is not up to me to say what you want to change in your life, but in 2014 – a year where I had a lot of changes, I found that the following approach was the best attitude to making a change…..

Step 1 – Recognising the problem – think how you will tackle it

Whether you are too fat, too lonely or too alcoholic the first step is to fully accept you have a problem.  Without this self awareness you cannot make a change.  Its easy to make a resolution or a goal, but without thinking through what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there, you are destined to fail.

Step 2 – Accepting full responsibility

The second important step is to accept full responsibility for yourself.  This is serious, no more blaming others for your failures or making excuses for why you failed, you are a fully grown adult and its time to start taking responsibility.


  • If you can’t get a job – don’t blame the system, think where you are going wrong – are you applying for realistic jobs, do you need more experience, more qualifications, do you need to learn how to write a better CV or present yourself in a more favourable manner at interviews or even look at jobs in another area.
  • Can’t lose weight – don’t blame your friends, family, or your medication – are you sticking to your diet, are you getting enough exercise, are you drinking every weekend.

These steps over simplify self-improvement, but I believe these are the 2 key elements to make change, so:

  • Recognise your problem and plan how you will make a change.
  • Accept full responsibility for your problemstop blaming others and making excuses.

I challenge everyone to make a New Year resolutions – you may think they are cliche or corny.  But I think making some sort of goal in the new year is a start.

In 2015 why not think differently, think “I will carry out my New Year Resolution and I will not fail”

Happy New Year everyone.  Stick around or subscribe to to see how some New Years resolutions I set last year developed over 2014.

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