Life Experience: a natural cure to get over fear of failure

Today I am pleased to announce that I have done my first  post my first collaboration post with Angie over at Confessions of an Awakened Youth – a blog focused on blog focuses on self-improvement, mental and physical wellness, and spirituality. For this collaboration, we challenged ourselves to write a post on a set topic … Continue reading Life Experience: a natural cure to get over fear of failure


Learning how to drive

Trying to Passing my driving test, exposed me to some of the worst advice I ever received. "You've failed your test, just book straight back onto it..." this didn't consider that I should reflect where I went wrong or find a better teacher - this resulted in a waste of time and money. A Pattern … Continue reading Learning how to drive

All the past mistakes

Of all the past mistakes I have made in my life, I don't regret a single one because if I hadn't made them I wouldn't be who I am today. Don't live life with regrets, dwelling on mistakes or failures.  The past is the past - so learn from mistakes and move on.  The only … Continue reading All the past mistakes

Any Given Sunday: between winning and losing

Being an English gent.  I really don't understand what is going on in (American) Football.  But I know this - it seems to make a fantastic subject for films and has some great "inspirational speech" scenes Here is Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. So how does this inspire? Whether it it sport, fitness … Continue reading Any Given Sunday: between winning and losing

Road Trip to Leicester: Reflection on idealism and work

It's funny that the last time I was in Leicester I was young and idealistic. I was full of hopes and dreams. I was going to change the world. I was naive. Leaving Leicester I left Leicester after my graduate placement failed to materialise with a permanent contract.  I should have realised then that working … Continue reading Road Trip to Leicester: Reflection on idealism and work

How failing goals can be good

When I first started the Manifesto of Perfection.  It functioned as a tool to meet my writing goals and more importantly as a way of keeping me accountable to the objectives I set. Around November last year I looked back at what I had originally set out to do and was sad, as I felt … Continue reading How failing goals can be good

2 steps to making change

It is nearly time for many to make New Years resolutions. It is not up to me to say what you want to change in your life, but in 2014 - a year where I had a lot of changes, I found that the following approach was the best attitude to making a change..... Step … Continue reading 2 steps to making change

The Wisdom of aquentances

Acquaintances may be friends of friends, people you work with, neighbours, professionals. You may not say hello to them if you saw them in the street and you probably wouldn't rush to help or give them a shoulder to cry on. They may be the same to you, however sometimes their advice is the most … Continue reading The Wisdom of aquentances