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Check out some of the post highlights for June 2020:

What is Your Mantra?

All about how a personal mantra I look at everyday is used as an affirmation to help inspire and motivate me to get results.

What is your mantra?

>> Self-Improvement

Read: What is Your Mantra?

3 Things Learned from Failing my Driving Test 5 Times

I failed my driving test a lot.  At the time this was mortifying and cast serious doubts on my own abilities.

This post reflects what I learned from repeated failure.

>> Self-Improvement

Read: 3 Things Learn From Failing My Driving Test 5 Times

The Parenting Gap / The Parenting Trap

Thoughts discussing the changing view on gender roles, including the challenges of balancing career with parental responsibilities.

>> Fatherhood

Read: The Parenting Gap / The Parenting Trap

Out of the Zone

Personal reflections on my time managing without the gym during COVID-19 lockdown.

This has raised various challenges such as being thrown off a solid routine, motivation and managing to workout while balancing home life.

> >Health

Read: Out of the Zone

Finally, I guest posted over at Birth of Clarity.  Please do check out my article The Simple Formula Which Will Help You Understand Why Change Happens – all about understanding how change can make you more effective in your goals.

Thank you all for your continued support!  Be better than yesterday!


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