What is your mantra?

Several years ago, I was invited to a job interview.

Arriving in usual early fashion, I perched myself on a bench inside Leeds train station, killing time with last-minute research.

Prior to the interview I was a wreck.

Getting this job wasn’t about a promotion or more money – it was an escape.

Over the past year I’d undergone endless bullying from my manager and had no confidence in my abilities.

So bad was the harassment I thought I didn’t even deserve the chance of an interview.

As I fumbled through my notes, I looked up and noticed the Paperchase opposite, containing a postcard stand full of motivational quotes.

Realising last minute preparation was futile, I entertained myself reading through them.

One quote stood out:

“I can and I will watch me”

This resonated with my position so much – all the fears and doubts in my head, yet deep down my perceived lack of abilities was not true.

I popped in, bought the card and spent the remainder of my free time reading those words again and again, until I thought:

“This job is mine!  Who wouldn’t want me?”

What is your mantra?

Your mantra is very personal to you – it resonates with your personality and drives you in your achievements.

A great reason to have a mantra is having a simple positive affirmation to go over, when faced with a challenging situation, helping you to mental prepare.

“I can and I will watch me”

Is such a personal statement for me because my life has been defined by proving doubters wrong – the bullies, the self-righteous and worst of all, myself.

Everything I’ve been told, I’ve proved wrong

Apparently I was:

  • Stupid – yet made academic achievements, beyond belief.
  • Fat – lost the weight and got myself in shape to such a place I’ve been told “I’m genetically gifted.”
  • Wouldn’t amount to anything – but I’m in a position where I’ve achieved everything, I dreamt of at 18.

Your mantra is your war cry – making you determined, realising your potential.

“I can and I will watch me”

A call to prove everyone who doubted me wrong and fight my own fear.

Whether it’s:

  • Heights (I learnt to climb)
  • Blood (I’ve given blood)
  • Talking in front of others (I’ve performed stand-up comedy).

The personal demons will not consume me and my mantra reminds me who I am.

In the end I got the job and never looked back.

I attribute this success all from sitting in the right place and reading that quote rack.Of course, reading a quote doesn’t make you a better person, but it can open up an inner belief in yourself to pursue opportunities contributing to your growth.

“I can and I will watch me

What is your mantra?

6 thoughts on “What Is Your Mantra?

  1. Thank you for sharing you mantra Sir. And I am interested in how you got it—very unexpected. But it is amazing how it kept on motivating you and now you’re there.

    If you may, allow me to share my mantra with you: “I am a soldier, I can conquer.” I actually made it myself, it was inspired by the mindset of a soldier and I find it very effective. Now that what matters to me is to win every moment.

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    1. Thank you. I still have the postcard and it has so much personal meaning.

      Thanks very much for sharing your mantra. How have you found it helps you in situations?


      1. That’s so sentimental!

        Well, as for my case, whenever I feel like I do not have the power to stand up against what’s in front of me. I always affirm my mantra to myself. It reminds me that I can do it and win over that moment.

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  2. Fab post. When they put us down in our young age and we achieve in our life is a wonderful feeling. I can I will. Well done.

    I am not sure what my mantra is, I have many. I always force myself to face my fear, big or tiny ones. When I eventually do, oh my what a relief.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was words much needed in a dark time that kept me going.

      With my mantra it just felt natural for me – all those other postcards with motivational quotes and that was the one that stood out.

      It’s good to challenge those fears, then they don’t seem so scary.

      Liked by 1 person

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