Someone watched a bad TV show, you’ll never guess what happened next.

In a quick answer, they bitched about it on the Internet, adding the unoriginal put down statement “Well there’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back”

And everytime I read someone write that I think… well you would have wasted it anyway.

  • Because if someone is looking at FAIL videos on YouTube, I strongly suspect they weren’t doing anything productive with their life anyway and would have watched something else.

I really don’t under stand people blaming others for wasting their time – you don’t have to watch TV or go on the Internet.

There are a few TV shows that I will make time for, but the rest is just time wasters designed to sell goods, fill out schedules and make us feel shit.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet.  It only grew in size after I was an adult, so thankfully there is not a permanent record of angsty teenage status posts on Facebook.

And the  information I had access to have influenced my life in ways my family and friends could not fulfill.

But then there is all the hate and trash click bate articles that say “Something, something, something… You won’t believe what happened next….” Meh….

What is the problem?

The popularity of articles like that and the growth of television channels is evidence that entertainment is used more and more to fill the void in our life for the things we don’t have.

TV shows people as cool, young, sexy and going places. In reality we are alone, tired and fat. This rant by Charlie Brooker sums up aspirational television.

 Yes – I am aware of the irony of arguing my case against watching too much TV by showing a clip from a TV show.

Where would you be if you didn’t rely on others to entertain you?

What would you have achieved tonight if you had got off the Internet?

Last year was a productive year for me, I decided to cut down on watching television and try to make my life better. But everytime I procrastinate in front of the box, I thought:

How often have I avoided hard work, preferring to watch TV?

Was this TV series something I could have missed?

Did I really need to spend the last 4 weeks working my way through 6 seasons?

I don’t really like this show, but I have already invested in the first three episodes, so I probably should keep watching…

What have I stopped myself achieving during all that time?

Where would I be now if I had just put the remote down?

What would be filling ‘that big empty void?’

I have already begun making progress against my struggle with TV and I want to reduce my Internet usage.

I don’t even play Video Games any more – I tried a few months again, playing Red Dead Redemption.  This last for about 10 minutes as my character unsteadily rode his horse off a cliff.

Then I was bored.


It is time to focus on my fitness, my job, my goals and my life.

I will be more productive with my time.

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