Is there any benefit to setting goals or should I just stop talking and do it?

This is a question I have been pondering a lot recently.  If you have read my blog for a while you will probably be aware that I use it as a format to log and keep track of my goals.

But as I look through my old posts and see goals that I didn’t achieve (or maybe never even started) I began questioning whether I should just save the time of even putting any thought into the process and focus energy onto action.

But then I saw this quote from Winston Churchill and it kind of made me realise that I was doing the right thing:


Although I don’t always stick to my plans (and be aware that in the context of this post I am using goals and plans to mean the same thing), by writing down something to aim towards, I have a direction – even if these plans change into something else later down the line.

Sometimes I have done nothing to achieve a goal and then I felt quite bad, but I realised that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but made me realise what things I really wanted in life and what I didn’t want.

Usually the things I do want have had some action against them!

To really understand whether goal setting has been good to me or if I am just procrastinating, I only have to reflect on the period when I didn’t have any goals and achieved very little to realise that the exercise so far has been quite beneficial.

In conclusion I feel the practice of putting a goal down on paper is best, because I feel it increases the probability it will be achieved, rather than being something else in the back of my mind that I will do “Someday..”

3 thoughts on “Goals vs Actions

  1. Good quote. Better to be progressing, no matter how small the step is, rather than staying on the same level or worse, suffer a drop in progress.

    Start your engines and get on with climbing up that ladder damn it hah!

    Progress = fulfillment = happiness = progress = repeat

    Don’t stop climbing unless you are truly happy with your life which- in my opinion, is never a forever after thing.

    One will forever be seeking meaning and purpose in life after finding one and fulfilling it. So point here?

    Be ready for the climb. It’s all about the climb.
    Damn it Miley, your voice is beautiful XD

    Your pal,

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