Welcome back…

Have you ever wanted to understand the background behind Perfect Manifesto?

How about insight into the writing process I carry out to write this blog?

Or maybe just read some of my tips, likes and dislikes about blogging?

Well I’m delighted to say I’ve recently had the opportunity to share my insights over at thoughtsnlifeblog.com

As part of the Let’s Get Inspired series, where WordPress.com bloggers are invited to answer questions on loads of things, all about their blogs and the process behind blogging.

The questions were provided by Bella, who probably is one of my original remaining readers, so it was an absolute delight to have the opportunity to share my blogging story and give my thoughts on the state of the blogging world.

Check it out: Let’s Get Inspired by James of Perfect Manifesto Blog

In the interview, you will learn about:

  • What encouraged me to start running a regular blog.
  • Why I was inspired to write about self-improvement.
  • The quite simple reason I called my blog ‘Perfect Manifesto.’
  • How I’ve evolved and grown as a writer during my blogging journey.
  • Where my inspiration comes from.
  • My personal favourite posts.
  • Likes and dislikes of the blogging community.
  • The most important mindset to enable your are able to persist and sustain writing your blog.
  • Balancing a regular writing schedule with work/family and other interests.
  • Lots of tips to help new bloggers improve at their craft.

Thank you to Bella for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. Please do check out the post and also ensure to give thoughtsnlifeblog.com a follow.

Thoughtsnlifeblog.com: Let’s Get Inspired by James of Perfect Manifesto Blog

I’ve closed the comments on this post so you can share your own thoughts on the original article – I’ll keep dipping in to respond.

Wishing you the best in your success.

James @Perfect Manifesto

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