New Posts: June 2020

Thanks for reading, a blog dedicated to fatherhood, health and self-improvement. Check out some of the post highlights for June 2020: What is Your Mantra? All about how a personal mantra I look at everyday is used as an affirmation to help inspire and motivate me to get results. What is your mantra? >> … Continue reading New Posts: June 2020

Digital Consumption Dilemma

The age of digital media has shifted how we consume almost everything. From sex to texts, everything can be had at the push of a button. Most worrying though, is the unhealthy obsessions and addictions that have been formed from this instant gratification culture. Multimillion dollar corporations have cleverly designed & engineered a variety of … Continue reading Digital Consumption Dilemma

5 Rules to Fitness Success

Are you someone who looks around for: the "best" routines/workouts? always seeks exercises for most "effective" results? consumes lots of new ideas and thinking from the fitness industry, but sees little results? Fitness success isn't as complex as you think. Whether it's maintaining a good diet or a gym routine to achieve the goal you … Continue reading 5 Rules to Fitness Success

Out of the Zone…

It has been over two months since the UK government ordered a lockdown, advising citizens to stay at home to reduce the spread of coronavirus. This has meant people having to work from home, without access to seeing friends, family, loved ones… And more importantly a total shut-down of all gyms in the country. This … Continue reading Out of the Zone…