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Is it already near the end of 2020? Check out some of the post highlights for November 2020:

What Jay and Silient Bob Reboot Teaches About Personal Growth

When I was younger, I was a massive fan of the Jay and Silent Bob films, so I had to check out Reboot.

Unfortunately I found the films humour a bit too juvenile for my taste.  It made me think about the ability of people to grow and change from a film universe which seems to have a theme of people who never grow and change…

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Read: What Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Teaches About Personal Growth

5 Tips to Make Your Home Workout Harder

As the UK went into lockdown again and all the gyms closed, it meant I was back to working out at home with only my own bodyweight and some light weights for company.

This can be quite underwhelming when you are used to lifting heavy objects.  This post gives some tips how I’ve made my home workouts harder with limited equipment…

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Read: 5 Tips to Make Your Home Workout Harder!

The Hate List

Have you ever had a person who has wronged you so much that they are forever burned into your subconscious as someone you hate?

That was me!  Luckily I’m in a much better place now.  This post gives some thoughts/tips why I have been able to let go of this hatred.

Although I can forgive, I’ll never forget – but that forgiveness has allowed me a sense of peace and growth that I never thought when I embarked on my self-improvement journey seven years into a place I never thought I would get to.

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Read: The Hate List

The Many Failures of Winston Churchill

Yeah it’s cool to hate on historical figures because not suprisingly their attitudes don’t measure up to today’s woke standards.

But with Winston Churchill I’ll always look up to his many attributes, particularly his resiliency to bounce back from failure.

When I wrote this, I could have potentially written a whole book analysing the failures of Winston Churchill, but instead this post gives you the highlights of why Winston Churchill was good at getting over failure and moving forwards.

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Read: The Many Failures of Winston Churchill

Finally, I’ve been writing extra posts every Friday about #ukinlockdown.  Check out the first post in the series On the Positive…

Thank you all for your continued support!  Be better than yesterday!


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