It’s Coming Home…

This past week I was browsing Facebook and noticed a former school friend commenting on his happiness about a “well deserved promotion." As I was about to drop a comment congratulating them on their job success, I realised the promotion they were talking about was the English football team Leeds United going up to the … Continue reading It’s Coming Home…

Rep Ranges for Gym Goals (Infographic)

A mistake many beginners make when they start in the gym is applying the wrong rep ranges for their intended goals. For example: I've seen people wanting to look 'ripped', yet how they train is more appropriate for someone looking to increase their 1 rep max. Enjoy this infographic I have put together to simply … Continue reading Rep Ranges for Gym Goals (Infographic)

Do Affirmations Work?

One habit that I have followed religiously since I read Scott Adams book "How to fail at almost everything and still win big" to encourage me to think positively and focus on what I want is affirmations. What is an affirmation? An affirmation is basically something that you say to yourself in order to help … Continue reading Do Affirmations Work?

The Thankless Life of a Football Supporter

Although I am impressed with Leicester City winning the Premiership - purely because I love an underdog, the unexpected victory sums up why I could never be a die hard football fan or for that matter a a major fan of any sports team. The English Premier League has more or less been dominated by … Continue reading The Thankless Life of a Football Supporter

What I Would Probably Tell My Future Child

Wherever it takes me... "What do you want to do with your life?" "What career do you want?" These are questions I remember being bombarded with at school from people who have no clue about having a proper job (i.e. teachers and career officers).  I really don't think the school method of preparing children for life … Continue reading What I Would Probably Tell My Future Child

The Importance of Diet With Exercise

What the hell are we putting into our bodies? About three years ago I was having a 'recovery' drink in the form of a very sugary, high glucose Lucozade. I had started getting into the habit of looking at the calorie content of any food I ate and was kind of shocked to see this … Continue reading The Importance of Diet With Exercise