I got to a point in my life where I realised the only guarantee you have is what you have today is what you have got tomorrow (subject to any major disaster).

If you take no actions, risks or accept responsibility for your own fate – you will still most likely be in the same position.

Being dormant would change nothing, unless the worst happens – you get fatter, lose your job, lose your home or worst of all someone dies.  All ways that actually make your life worse.

By taking action you may fail and still be in the same place – but at least you have tried.

I have spent too long waiting for things to happen to me; I have seen others thinking the same and they have not seen any change or growth for years.

At least with trying you can learn from your mistakes and decide what to do differently.

The things you want won’t come to you. You have to go out and get them.

In Rocky III, Apollo Creed said there is no tomorrow and I get what he means.

Start your fitness regime today.

Start the path to getting a new job today.

Start today, not tomorrow and make your life better.

Otherwise if you don’t, you will be surprised how quickly a year comes around.

3 thoughts on “Where Am I Next Year?

  1. Make my home nicer, good holidays to look forward to, promotion, marriage, staying fit, hopefully faster and stronger than I am today 🙂


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