The Song Of The Ungirt Runners

If you're looking for a really good underrated film, look up Clockwork Mice. It seems impossible to get hold of, the limited copies seem to be extortionately priced.  But if it's ever on TV, Netflix's, or whatever other less than legal methods to watch it - if you really like your running films it is … Continue reading The Song Of The Ungirt Runners

Fearing The Gym

I read a number of blogs about many peoples first experiences with the gym, or from the perspective of someone who has lived a unhealthy lifestyle and is trying to find a new way. Many of these are the fears they have - that people are looking down on them because of how they look, … Continue reading Fearing The Gym

Ninety One Point Four Kilo Grams

Over the winter I had a horrid cold. It sapped my motivation and drained my ability to keep up with a fitness schedule.  Noramlly when I talk about cutting a fitness schedule, I usually refer to a run - I wasn't even going to the gym. Combined with Christmas, New Year, an increase in snacking at … Continue reading Ninety One Point Four Kilo Grams

10 Reasons To Run-Cycle Outdoors

I have recently got into doing more outdoor cardio. I have found myself a number of times sitting/standing in a fixed position looking at: Mirror image of myself Uninspiring motivational poster/advert Boring view of the gym car park This was all something that made gym cardio really tedious, hardwork.  This resulted in a significant reduction in … Continue reading 10 Reasons To Run-Cycle Outdoors

I Hate (Gym) Cardio

I really can't pin down the point when I decided that I hated gym cardio. It could have been when I got my foot injury and had to lay off the running - instead sacrificing the outdoors for staring at the wall on a cross trainer for 30 minutes. Or if as my life became … Continue reading I Hate (Gym) Cardio

Things I Wish I Knew When I First Joined A Gym

I have been going to the gym for a long time, along the way I have learnt a lot of things - some which took longer than others. Here is a list of things that I wish I knew when I first joined the gym: The Importance of Nutrition: When I first joined the gym … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew When I First Joined A Gym

Dear Gym…

Please could you refrain from having the channel that plays that show about antiques on your big screens, it's about as motivating as watching paint dry. Thanks James

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I walked in to see my GP a gibbering wreck.  Despite knowing I needed to do this, there was a reluctance to what I was about to do. Despite being at my peak of fitness I doddered over to my seat like an 80 year old. I sat down and swallowed, my nerves made me … Continue reading Just What The Doctor Ordered

Back to the gym (take 2)

I really tried to make the gym I joined in  April work.  But it just never  right and I never developed a steady routine.  It was always difficult getting to it after work and it was always a problem getting stuck in rush hour work traffic if I went in the morning. My life has … Continue reading Back to the gym (take 2)

How not to prepare for a 10k race

Prior to my well organised Spartan double, last month I did the Pudsey 10k. This was quiet a significant race as: This was the first time that I had done a 10k race since July last year It marked the first time that I have run such a distance since September last year. Not only was … Continue reading How not to prepare for a 10k race

The Spartan Manchester Double

As part of my race calendar I set myself the challenge of running the Spartan Trifecta this year. This means that I am required to run: The Spartan Sprint (Approx 6km) The Spartan Super (Approx 12km) The Spartan Beast (Approx 20km) The Sprint and Super Races The first of my two races (Sprint and Super) … Continue reading The Spartan Manchester Double

System: The Power of Three

I have had a bit of a hiatus from posting recently. Since starting the blog I have been well disciplined to ensure that there has been new content every week (or more) because when I started I knew that I did not want to be one of the those blogs that post inconsistently and started … Continue reading System: The Power of Three