Why bucket lists are bad and why you should shun them

Let's say I asked you to put together a bucket list – a list of things that you want to do before you die. Before reading on just take a minute to think about what those things would be. Done it? Okay I will continue… Without even knowing you I bet it included something of … Continue reading Why bucket lists are bad and why you should shun them


Managing someone with more experience: The Baby Manager

My mum always said you knew you were getting older when you started to see policemen that were younger than you; so I don't know what Tracey thought when I walked in and said: "Hi, I'm James, your new manager." Tracey must have been around 15 years older, at first this wasn't intimidating as I figured being … Continue reading Managing someone with more experience: The Baby Manager

Gym Bitches

Following on from my post about fearing the gym, I thought I would share this story of when I did experience the thoughts of sheep. I had recently finished a graduate placement - because of the recession the market for jobs in the sector I was looking for had dried up. I had put on … Continue reading Gym Bitches

Money vs Happiness

One of the key elements of my 'Money' system is to move up the career ladder Recently I have had the opportunity to fill in for a senior member of staff who has been on long term sick.  As I was covering a large part of their duties, I viewed this as an opportunity to … Continue reading Money vs Happiness

Good Mentor/Bad Mentor

As I try to make my way up the career ladder I have found the support of others is essential.  I really do miss having a good mentor to coach me and call me out on any bullshit though. I have a number of experiences of 'mentors'  - one was good, one was bad. Good Mentor … Continue reading Good Mentor/Bad Mentor

Everyone could potentially be a leader

I was reading a book on leadership, when someone remarked "Aspiring to be a manager are we..." There still seems to be a wide confusion between being a leader and being in charge. So to put it clearer - you may call yourself a manager or the boss - but that doesn't mean you are … Continue reading Everyone could potentially be a leader

Actions Speak Louder than Words

There are a lot of sayings out there.  A lot of them bullshit, but: "Actions Speak Louder than Words" Is the real deal. I worry sometime that I spend far too much time writing about my goals, than actually doing them. But honestly, I love writing plans - I am an advocate for SMART objectives, … Continue reading Actions Speak Louder than Words

How failing goals can be good

When I first started the Manifesto of Perfection.  It functioned as a tool to meet my writing goals and more importantly as a way of keeping me accountable to the objectives I set. Around November last year I looked back at what I had originally set out to do and was sad, as I felt … Continue reading How failing goals can be good